Who is Jassi Bacha anyways?

I’m a UI Designer and Front-End Developer based in Vancouver..  but I imagine that is fairly obvious at this point! I’ve been devoted to Art & Design since before I could walk, and I’ve also been making websites since Microsoft Frontpage was still considered relevant. Hint: That was quite a while ago.

Like a lot of people I’ve met in the industry the majority of my skills have been self taught. I started with HTML in 1998 and then started using Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Flash in high school. Upon graduation I started post-secondary at The Art Institute of Vancouver and got a diploma for Interactive Media & Design which helped to refine my HTML & CSS and improve my control of the Adobe Creative Suite.

I have taken on many freelance projects and am able to find solutions catered to your business’ web-related needs. My experience with clients has taught me that open lines of communication are vital to the success of any venture, so contact me today to discuss your website, and tell me about YOU!

Some random tidbits:

  • I became heavily addicted to pixel-based art around Grade 7, mainly because of the games I was playing at the time
  • My first serious graphic design project was a pixel-based webcomic made with MSPaint featuring myself and my friend in Grade 9, I designed a full website and was updating it with new comics 2-3 times a week
  • I’ve eaten a large pizza to myself once in my life (and I felt terrible afterwards)
  • I have a dog named Chewie (Last name is Bacha.. get it?)